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About Sekoyha

What We Do

We enable schools to become Mobile Friendly.

This creates the perfect synergy between students, faculty and parents.

By empowering our schools, we want our students to reach their academic goals.


The Sequoia is a very unique tree, with singular characteristics. The oldest known Sequoia is about 2,200 years old. As the largest living tree on earth, the Sequoia is larger around and through than a Greyhound bus, and taller than the Statue of Liberty, from base of the pedestal to the tip of the torch.


This tree has unique survival strategies. Each Sequoia depends on the roots of other Sequoia trees due to their relatively shallow roots compared to their size. Against predators, the tree relies on a chemical composition that is poisonous to tree pests like termites and ants. Also, a live redwood that is knocked over will attempt and succeed in growing via its limbs - an impressive survival mechanism. Indeed, the limbs pointing up will turn into trees.

These three characteristics have inspired us in building the Spirit of the Company:

  • Use the synergy in relying on one another's abilities

  • Resistance facing adversity

  • Survive through ceaseless technology changes

Our Mission

Each child trusts he can become anything he likes. We believe they are right provided that they have access to the right education.


Our mission is to make that dream come true.


We provide schools with the tools they need to create this perfect synergy between parents, students and faculty. We empower the school to deliver this excellent education our children deserve.

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