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Are the data secured in the cloud?


The cloud insures safety and security of sensitive personal data through a built-in Access Control Policy.

The built-in Access Control Policy allows the permission to be granted to each individual at the finest level of granularity possible. For example, the school can allow a staff member such as an ECE (Early Childhood Educator) to access the name and phone number of a group of students and their parents and guardians, but not allow that same ECE to access student's addresses or medical data.


User Data Encryption

Customer access to the system is through the Internet. SSL encryption technology is used to ensure the inviolability of the communication between the server and the customer device. SSL connections are negotiated for at least 128 bit encryption or stronger. The private key used to generate the cipher key is at least 2048 bits. This is a Military Grade security level.


Audit trails

The Access Control audit trail is also an off the shelf feature provided by all the world class database providers




How long is the migration to Sekoyha?


We, at Sekoyha, developed a solution that minimizes the disruption in the daily operation of a school. Our team, composed of professional data architects and experienced school managers and teachers, is well aware of the challenges faced by many private and independent schools. The solution we offer has been designed to meet the specific needs of the schools, in term of ergonomic, flexibility and affordability.The migration time can be as short as a few business hours, depending on your current infrastructure.

What am I saving by going to the Cloud?


It reduces Capital Expenditures SMB cannot afford, it allows a pay-as-you-grow model similar to the utility delivery model and it is available to authorized users anywhere, anytime and through any device.

Your school no longer needs to have a server with the maintenance cost attached to it, worry about the update or any hardware cost. You can work with a basic low maintenance device.




What does a proper Database bring?


Streamlines process

Keeps everybody on the same page

Improves Relationship Management with the Community

Allows Business Intelligence reporting

Insures Safety and Security of sensitive personal data Access Control Policy




Is there a help desk?


Our 24/7 support as well as professional services are provided by one and only team of Engineers to combine both field and online support experiences for the benefit of our customers.

"It is really easy to rollout and configure. The migration from MS Excel based system is almost immediate. What impressed me the most is the detailed audit records the tool is providing for security purposes."

Mike / IT Support

Toronto, ON

"Sekoyha Software is an amazing application that contains an adaptable dashboard which allows you to visualize KPI and build reports related to CRM."

Sylvana / Accountant

Toronto, ON

“The fact that it is accessible online allowing parents to enter and query the data themselves is a relief to staff. The best feature is the automatic referral system giving incentive to parents who are willing to refer the school to their acquaintances and relatives."

Linda / School Administrator

Toronto, ON

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